Trailer Debut: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Harold and Kumar are back – in 3D – with their very own Christmas tale, in the aptly titled A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas (yep, that’s all the info you need right there in the name).

John Cho and Kal Penn – fresh from his stint working at The White House, seriously – have reunited for the third instalment of their epic, smutty, and genuinely rather smart saga.

Fans of the series will be glad to see Neil Patrick Harris once again reprising his role as, well, himself (or rather, a warped version of his persona).

The new flick also promises scenes of Harold and Kumar in claymation – an idea that was already used to great effect on the Season Two Xmas episode of Community. In the film’s defence, this picture was written and shot quite a while ago.

Check out the trailer and share your thoughts below.

You can watch it in HD over at Yahoo.

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, does not yet have an Australian release date.

Discuss: Does this franchise have enough steam for a third film?

One Response to “Trailer Debut: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas”

  1. Best. Christmas movie. Ever. Love the over-the-top use of 3D.

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