Mike Myers signs up for Austin Powers 4

In news that will likely herald a chorus of catchphrases we hoped had been buried once and for all, Hitfix reports Mike Myers has signed up for a fourth Austin Powers flick.

Considering the failure of his last attempt at kick-starting a new franchise with the terrifyingly misguidedĀ Guru Pitka in The Love Guru, it’s no surprise Myers would go back to the well to rebuild some audience goodwill.

As Deadline reminds us, New Line offered Myers the opportunity to work on a fourth Powers‘ film back in 2008. At the time it was reported he and collaborator Mike McCullers had begun working on the script, which would focus primarily on Dr. Evil and his relationship to his son Scott (Seth Green).

According to the Deadline report, New Line sent Myers’ representatives a new deal six months ago. It is that deal which Myers has finally signed up for, hence the renewed talk of AP4.

It is unknown if series director Jay Roach will return to helm the sequel, or if a new story/script will be developed.

Discuss: So, is this a good idea or not for Myers?

One Response to “Mike Myers signs up for Austin Powers 4”

  1. Well it about time Mike Myers got back on the scene we all need a good laugh…… it has been to long for this actor to take a break either tht or i need to review some more of his movies hehaheha”I LOVE YOU MIKE MYERS” your the best actor to come out of Hollywood in years… <3<3<3<3

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