Billy Crystal eager to host the Oscars “one or two more times”

It would be something of an understatement to say Anne Hathaway and James Franco‘s hosting stint at the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony was a disappointment. One of the show’s few highlights included beloved former MC Billy Crystal* jumping on stage for just a few moments. Apparently that short appearance has reignited Crystal’s desire to host the Oscars again.

Speaking at a 20th Anniversary screening of City Slickers at American Cinamatheque in Los Angeles (and noted by the L.A. Times), Crystal had this to say in regards to the gig:

“It got to be too much after a while and the sameness in my life…That’s why I pulled back. And then when I thought I might want to do it again, they were on to other people. It’s always fun. It’s really hard, but maybe one or two more times? I don’t know. They know where I am.”

But does Crystal’s eagerness mean a thing to Oscar producers? The hiring of Hathaway and Franco was clearly motivated to appeal to a younger demographic, and it seems unlikely the producer of the 84th Academy Awards – Brett Ratner – will do anything other than try even harder to rope in the young’uns.

*MC Billy Crystal. Now that’s a hip-hop act we’d like to see!

Discuss: Will the memory of the disastrous Hathaway/Franco pairing inspire Ratner and the Academy to pull out their trusty old Crystal?

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