Jonathan Demme and Stephen King going back in time to save JFK

The Silence of the Lambs helmer Jonathan Demme is set to write, direct and produce an adaptation of Stephen King’s upcoming novel 11/22/63, Variety reports.

Although announcements of feature film adaptations of Stephen King books are as regular an occurrence in Hollywood as the shattering of dreams, this one sounds pretty interesting. The premise: a high school English teacher goes back in time to save President John F. Kennedy from assassination.

The typically verbose King’s new book is 960 pages long, and arrives in book stores November 8, 2011.

More news on Demme’s picture as it develops.

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One Response to “Jonathan Demme and Stephen King going back in time to save JFK”

  1. If the premise of the movie, as I believe the book is, is to keep Lee Harvey Oswald from killing JFK, then I WILL NOT PAY TO SEE IT – EVER. LHO did not kill President Kennedy and anyone who has studied the case, as I have, and is not beholding to an entity that was involved in the killing or the cover-up, knows that. Instead of being watch dogs for the American people the mainstream media has been nothing but a lapdog. If this is Demme’s intention to ride that lie; I’ll have nothing to do with it. Period!

    John W. Larson
    Villa Park, IL

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