Kevin Smith’s final film to be a two-parter

Kevin Smith has made no secret of his plans to retire after completing the hockey comedy Hit Somebody, which he will begin once his horror flick Red State has finished making the rounds (it arrives in Australia in October).

It has been revealed however that his last film shall be cleft in twain, a’la Kill Bill, and will be released to cinemas as two seperate instalments.

The news came from Hour Community, which Smith later retweeted on Twitter (we’ll take it as confirmation of the story).

Hit Somebody is based on Warren Zevon’s song of the same name, and stars Nicholas Braun as wannabe-hockey star Buddy. The first film will reportedly focus on Buddy’s youth, while the second film concerns his time in the big leagues.

Smith is certainly intrigued by the idea of alternative distribution models for films (he toured Red State across America with inflated prices, before selling it off to Lionsgate for a wider release). At this point, he clearly doesn’t care how his films will “fit in” to the typical system of distribution, and trusts his audience will embrace his work – especially if it’s his final work – no matter how it’s sliced.

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