Tom Hanks personally refunds money for Larry Crowne

History’s nicest man, Tom Hanks, has reportedly refunded some movie-goers who were disappointed with his latest vehicle Larry Crowne.

According to The National Enquirer, Hanks was at a petrol station filling up his car (movie stars – they’re just like us!) when he was met by a couple who had just come from a screening of his latest directorial effort.

When asked if they had enjoyed the film, they told him “it wasn’t that good”, stressing that they had expected more from Hanks.

The Oscar winner was said to have apologised and offered them $25 from his own pocket for their troubles.

This is why Michael Bay does not personally go to petrol stations.

Discuss: Which filmmaker would you like to request a refund from?

One Response to “Tom Hanks personally refunds money for Larry Crowne”

  1. George Lucas for the woeful Episodes 1,11 & 111 of Star Wars! I wouldn’t be the first in line either.

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