Trailer Debut: The Woman in Black

All eyes are on Daniel Radcliffe as he attempts to forge a career post-Harry Potter. His first film after wrapping up the box-office busting series will be The Woman in Black, a chilling ghost story based on Susan Hill’s novel of the same name.

Radcliffe stars as a solicitor who looks after a deceased client’s old mansion, and is subsequently haunted for his troubles.

The trailer has arrived online, and it’s genuinely quite spooky. I appreciate the focus on tone and atmosphere over exposition. It tells us everything we need to know, without having to inform us of the specific plot. Also, the creepy little girls reciting a rhyme about a dead woman hurts none.

Check it out and share your thoughts below!

You can also watch it in HD over at Yahoo.

The Woman in Black is directed by James Watkins. It does not yet have an Australian release date.

Discuss: Can you buy Radcliffe as anyone other than Harry?

6 Responses to “Trailer Debut: The Woman in Black”

  1. Before the hp franchise, Radcliffe played david copperfield in the bbc mini series in which i think is the same era setting of this film. Maybe he has that old england look, i dont know, but he has taken yet another role from that era. Personally, i keep thinking him as harry potter, and if i do watch this film, i’ll STILL think him as harry potter, which wont make the film very much horror-ful would it? cause harry is just trying to get rid of another ghost voldermort created.

  2. mmmmmmmmm looks interesting . i sure remember other good ghost stories , such as ” woman in white ” etc . hope it lives up to expectations of daniels fans . time will tell …..greg australia .

  3. Of course I can buy him as a character other than Harry. He didn’t seem at all Harry-like in December Boys. He’s versatile enough to move on – and so should the fans.

  4. I don’t see why Daniel can’t make a successful life after HP. All you have to do is look at Harrison Ford, to see it can be done and be done quiet well! I can’t wait to see his first attempt, sure is me kind of movie!

  5. I watched the BBC (I think!) version of this story about 20 years ago and it TERRIFIED me!! I only worked up the courage to see it again a couple of years ago but the years in-between were spent not even being able to talk about it because it scared me that much. I hope this remake is as good.

  6. I remember being scared silly by the TV adaptation of the book. So much so that I’ve seen it on stage a couple of times and have dragged my copy of the book half way round the world.

    I hate rocking chairs!

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