AFI introduces Oscar-inspired awards

The Australian Film Institute has launched a new initiative to boost national and international recognition of Australian film, dumping the annual AFI awards in favour of the AACTAs.

Geoffrey Rush was appointed the AACTAs (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) founding president, with the announcement made by Mad Max and Happy Feet director George Miller.

It’s clear the new Academy was inspired by the similar American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, known more commonly as the Academy Awards or the Oscars. The AACTAs will have its own gold, shiny statuette which will be awarded each January in Sydney, corresponding with the international awards season.

Geoffrey Rush said at the launch, “It will be the role of this academy to honour, encourage and award the very best in Australian film and television.”

Other high profile council members include actor Jack Thompson, director Fred Schepisi and producer Jan Chapman.

Discuss: Sad to see the AFIs go, or was this a smart move by the Australian Film Institute?

One Response to “AFI introduces Oscar-inspired awards”

  1. You can visit the AACTA website to find out more: or see a highlights package from the launch here on YouTube:

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