A brief encounter with Taylor Lautner

A brief encounter with Taylor Lautner. By Jess Lomas.

Part werewolf, part poster boy for the ab-cruncher, Taylor Lautner flew into town last weekend for a whirlwind promo tour for his upcoming action flick, Abduction. In the film, Taylor plays a high-school student who discovers his baby photo on a missing person’s website, unravelling a thread that makes him question who he really is. Billed as a lively, action packed thriller, it’s directed by John Singleton (Boyz n the Hood) and also stars Sigourney Weaver.

One hundred lucky fans scored tickets to one of the first screenings of the film in the world, while many more were happy to camp out for eight hours just for a chance to see their idol. While waiting for the main attraction, the girl-strong crowd were treated to a parkour performance, which kept the energy levels high, aided by free jelly beans and a Mexican-wave style chant of ‘Taylor, Taylor!’ that would occur sporadically.

At 6pm, Taylor arrived and began to make his way down the red carpet. Obliging his fans who had waited so long, Taylor took photos, signed autographs and engaged with the crowd. Some forty five minutes later, as I stood at the end of the media pit, Taylor was in arm’s reach. Perhaps it was the chanting crowd, the murderous look in their eyes or the proposals of marriage being shouted out, but I found myself contemplating how beautiful this boy who stood in front of me was … and then he was gone, whisked away by his PR people before I had even asked my first question! I now wore that murderous expression with my fellow Twihards – I had waited two hours, I was going to ask my questions!

After an embarrassing amount of arm waving and shouting, I was told I would have time for two questions, while my fellow reporters had all managed to squeeze in four. They shuffled Taylor back towards me, I shook his hand, pressed record on the Dictaphone and melted into his eyes … I mean, took this reporting job very seriously.

JL: This is crazy (motioning to the fans). Do you ever get used to scenes like this, seeing all of these screaming girls?

TL: This is great, I have so much fun!

JL: And what about seeing yourself? (Shows Taylor a copy of a bookazine written about him)

TL: Oh boy, I don’t know about seeing myself, but seeing the fans works for me.

JL: At this early stage in your career how much of a say do you have in what films you take and how much are you being guided? How does Abduction fit into this?

TL: I always believe that you never stop learning, I try and take as much advice as possible, but on the other hand you have to do things that you’re passionate about and this movie I was extremely passionate about since the first time I’d heard about it.

JL: And lastly, a twitter question from a fan; is there any truth to the rumour that you’ve named each of your abdominals after a Sex and the City character?

TL: (Laughs) I’ve never heard that one so no, but that’s a funny one.

And that’s it – two hours of waiting and almost assaulting a PR person and my carefully prepared list of questions goes out the door when I’m told I literally have one minute with the Twilight star. Our affair was brief but the ringing in my ears from the screaming choir of girls stayed with me long into the night.

Abduction arrives in Australian cinemas September 22, 2011. You can check out some images from the Red Carpet here.

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