Is this really The Worst Movie Ever?

A film by the name of The Worst Movie Ever opened in the U.S. over the weekend (or, more specifically, on one screen in Los Angeles). It grossed a mere $11, probably because people thought – for some weird reason – it would be bad.

Writer/producer/director/star Glenn Berggoetz’s parody movie seemingly spoofs the combined terrible works of filmmakers Ed Wood, Uwe Boll and Tommy Wiseau (as well as high school media students the world over). Its IMDB synopsis promises “[a] robot alien. Angst-ridden teens. Cleavage-wielding soul takers. A dark overlord. A cross-dressing retard. A pregnant 14-year-old cougar. Macho scientists [and] Santa Claus.” Amazingly, the film’s trailer – as brought to our attention by Movieline – delivers all of those things.

According to Box Office Mojo, its $11 opening makes it the worst ever first weekend for a movie in film history, beating the $20 record set by Zzyzx Road. Berggoetz responded accordingly on his Facebook page: “I just received the box office numbers from LA – ugh.”

The Worst Movie Ever enjoyed two screenings at the Laemmle Sunset 5 cinema in L.A., although only one person attended one of those sessions – and it is suspected the ticket belonged to the picture’s actress Christine Mascolo.

The sweet irony, of course, is that this abysmal opening is perhaps the best press a film like this could have possibly received.

Discuss: Could any spoof recreate the magic of a truly bad film?

One Response to “Is this really The Worst Movie Ever?”

  1. Simon – This is Glenn Berggoetz. Yes, “The Worst Movie EVER!” is truly awful, and we had a blast making it! If you want to ask me any questions about the film, send me an email. Thanks!

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