Is THIS the name of the new James Bond flick? (Update: No)

Update: Never mind! EON Productions has denied Bond 23 will be called Carte Blanche, nor will it have anything to do with Jeffery Deaver’s novel. Original report below…

Did a Serbian cellist reveal the title, and, inadvertently, the plot of the new James Bond flick? Weirdly … maybe!

Details regarding Sam Mendes‘ long-gestating Bond 23 have been kept under wraps, besides the casting of Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes as villains opposite Daniel Craig‘s 007, along with Naomie Harris as Moneypenny.

Bleeding Cool has pointed out a Blic Online interview with cellist Jelena Mihailovic, who performed before Mendes and the Bond producers at Cannes and has since been asked to “write the opening score for the new James Bond film, entitled Carte Blanche“.

Strings in a James Bond theme? Not so newsworthy. But the casual revelation of (what might be) the film’s title is interesting.

Adding weight to the rumour is the fact a new Bond novel by Jeffery Deaver is also called Carte Blanche. Here’s the plot synopsis, courtesy of Wikipedia:

“[Bond] starts his assignment on the outskirts of Novi Sad in Serbia where an Irish sapper-turned-enforcer named Niall Dunne is planning to derail a train carrying three hundred kilograms of methyl isocyanate, dumping it into the Danube. Bond is able to prevent the catastrophe by derailing the train himself at a much safer place along the line. He is unable to detain Dunne, who kills Bond’s Serbian contacts in the course of his escape.”

Bond 23 reportedly features a giant action sequence  on a train.

Are details of Bond 23 and the novel Carte Blanche getting all tangled up? Or is the film indeed an adaptation of the tome? More news as it develops!

Discuss: Is Carte Blanche a suitable title?

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  1. Sounds better than ‘quantum of solace’

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