Die Hard 5 to be directed by Max Payne’s John Moore

After almost six months of searching, 20th Century Fox and Bruce Willis have settled on a director for Die Hard 5: John Moore (Max Payne, Behind Enemy Lines).

According to Deadline, Moore is in final negotiations to come on board. He will replace previously hired helmer Noam Murro, who moved on to the 300 spin-off Battle of Artemisia.

Moore beat out Fast Fives Justin Lin, Attack the Block‘s Joe Cornish and Drive‘s Nicolas Winding Refn for the job.

Die Hard 5 will shoot in Russia, after which Willis will move onto a sequel to RED.

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One Response to “Die Hard 5 to be directed by Max Payne’s John Moore”

  1. The last two Die Hard movies weren’t even really Die Hard movies (they were originally written as something else and McClane, Germans and Yippeekaiyay’s were thrown in). But to be fair, they were both better than Die Hard 2: Die Harder (which sounds like a parody).

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