Suing the Devil restores marriage, converts gang-member

Christian News Wire has revealed the new faith-based film Suing the Devil – which was shot in Sydney, and was made with the participation of Hillsong – opened spectacularly at the U.S. box office over the weekend.  No box office figures are provided.

Directed by “Harvard alumnus” Tim Chey, the film stars Bart Bronsen as a janitor turned law student who sues Satan (the admittedly perfectly-cast Malcolm McDowell) for $8 trillion. Check out the astounding trailer below.

Christian News Wire – unafraid of overselling the indie flick – claims the picture “has been having an emotional impact that is being compared to The Passion of the Christ“.

Chey adds to the hyperbole:

“So many people are us telling how the film opened their eyes to the devil’s tactics … We had one story where a couple had a troubled marriage for 17 years. The morning after they saw the film, they restored their marriage and opened their house up for worship. Another was an atheist, who came to the front of the theater, and got on his knees after another screening. And yet another was a gang-member who accepted Christ because of the movie. Incredible.”

According to the article, the effusive word of mouth has seen the film branded “the summer film to watch”. Never mind that it opened on August 26, a mere five days before summer ended in the United States.

Suing the Devil also stars Corbin Bernsen and Tom Sizemore. It does not yet have an Australian release.

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