The Coen brothers’ new film has a title

Back in June it was revealed that Oscar winners Joel and Ethan Coen would follow up their True Grit remake with a film focusing on the Greenwich village folk scene of the 1960s, based on guitarist Dave van Ronk’s memoir The Mayor of MacDougal Street.

Variety now has the title: Inside Llewyn Davis.

The film concerns the Coens’ fictional creation of Llewyn Davis – based loosely on van Ronk? – a struggling folk musician “during the genre’s 1960s heyday in New York City”.

Scott Rudin, who previously collaborated with the Coens on True Grit and No Country for Old Men, will produce.

The Coens previously revealed the film would feature a number of live musical performances.

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One Response to “The Coen brothers’ new film has a title”

  1. Hmm, will this do for the early 60’s folk music scene what Oh Brother did for old timey country and blues? I hope so. People need more Fred Neil and Karen Dalton in their lives along with a scrawny kid from Minnesotta.

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