Ridley Scott’s Monopoly movie collects two screenwriters

In case you were thinking those crazy folks in Hollywood finally realised you can’t make a movie out of just anything, Ridley Scott’s Monopoly movie has landed two scribes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski will work on the screenplay based upon the Hasbro board game. This won’t be the first collaboration for the duo, who had previously penned Ed Wood and The People vs Larry Flint. With such a strong body of work behind them, one has to ponder the potential of this Hasbro-Scott produced adaptation.

After signing on back in 2008, Universal recently dropped the project along with other board game adaptations Ouija and Clue. This hasn’t stopped Monopoly or the other games moving forward in the hope that another studio will pick them up further along in development.

Discuss: The big question is – are we going to see a giant top hat, racing car or thimble in this film?

One Response to “Ridley Scott’s Monopoly movie collects two screenwriters”

  1. they must’ve seen the trailer for BATTLESHIPS and decided to cut their losses. if anyone manages to make a monopoly movie work they will be forever hailed as some kind of filmic/writing genius.

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