Mel Gibson courts controversy (again) with new film

Lethal Weapon star and Academy Award winner Mel Gibson is set to team up with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas for a new film about heroic Jewish warrior Judah Maccabee.

According to Deadline, Gibson will produce the flick and has first option to direct for Warner Bros.

Gibson has long wanted to make a film about Maccabee, who lead the Judean revolt against the Greek-Syrian armies in 166 BC. Deadline notes the similarities between Maccabee and Scottish rebel William Wallace, whom Gibson portrayed in Braveheart.

Of course, this project is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows. Gibson famously went on an anti-Semitic tirade after being arrested for drunk-driving in 2006. This only added fuel to pre-existing allegations of his anti-Semitism, kicked off by his depiction of Jews in The Passion of the Christ.

Eszterhas is famous for writing Basic InstinctFlashdance and Jade.  

Discuss: A bold move on Gibson’s part, no question. What say you? Can he be redeemed?

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