Ron Howard to direct superhero flick 364

It looks like Ron Howard – who made his name on films Splash, Cocoon and Willow – may return to the world of fantasy in his new picture.

According to Deadline, Howard is attached to direct a new pitch from screenwriter David Guggenheim entitled 364.

You’ll note that the title is the number of days in a year minus one (we’re not counting leap years here). That’s because the film is concerned with a man who has superpowers for just one day a year, and spends the other 364 considering which good deeds he will perform during those fateful 24 hours.

Universal Pictures has preemptively acquired Guggenheim’s pitch. The studio just wrapped production on his last script, Safe House, which stars Ryan Reynolds as a cop transporting Denzel Washington‘s dangerous criminal to a, you guessed it, safe house.

Ron Howard recently abandoned the Dan Brown trilogy, and saw the Dark Tower saga crumble under his feet. He has since signed up to work on an adaptation of the novel Under the Banner of Heaven, F1 flick Rush and a Spy vs. Spy movie.

Discuss: Looking forward to Howard returning to the realm of the fantastical?

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  1. Not overly confident!

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