Schwarzenegger comeback on track again with Captive

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s acting comeback is picking up steam once again, after his efforts were almost derailed by that embarrassing love-child situation.

According to Deadline, Arnold is in talks to star in the indie action thriller Captive. He is eyeing the role of an American real estate magnate who is kidnapped and held for ransom in Brazil. The script was written by Benjamin van der Veen and Kario Salem, based on a story by Nicolai Fuglsig.

Fuglsig was set to helm, but has since left the director’s chair open for another.

Schwarzenegger has already signed on for Kim Jee-woon’s western Last Stand and The Expendables 2, and is expected to reprise the role of The Terminator in Justin Lin’s Terminator 5.

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3 Responses to “Schwarzenegger comeback on track again with Captive”

  1. No doubt Arnie will be as watchable as ever…. but will need to grow old gracefully methinks!

  2. terminator 5 would be great if he was both the bad and good terminator with three other terminator,s in it…what comes next his award….

  3. Oh Arny, give it up! Your career is over why even bother trying to “reboot” your career now?

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