Point Break is getting a remake too

A remake of Kathryn Bigelow‘s much-loved action flick Point Break is in the works, in accordance with that new unspoken law requiring all movies to be rebooted within two decades of release (we assume).

According to Deadline, Alcon Entertainment – the production company also behind the new Blade Runner flicks – is developing the remake for Warner Bros. They secured the rights for the project on the first film’s 20th anniversary.

Whereas the original featured undercover FBI agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) infiltrating the surfing community to take down criminal Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), the remake will take place in the world of “international extreme sports”.

Kurt Wimmer (Salt) has written the screenplay for the fast-tracked feature. Directors are currently being courted to take on the gig.

Discuss: OK, we know people will be annoyed about this remake. That’s a given. Still, who would you like to see in the leading roles?

9 Responses to “Point Break is getting a remake too”

  1. No one can replace Patric Swayse, Leave the classic alone, next your gonna want to redo Dirty Dancing or Grease, or even better the Titanic, omg what are you thinking:{

  2. I would like to see Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in this one.

  3. Yes, I think Paul Walker would be a good choice. Also Bradley Cooper for the FBI Agent.
    Both would be good eye candy for the girls being a surf movie!.

  4. Not for any lead roles, but Emile Hirsch (Jay from Lords of Dogtown) would make a good “good guy but bad boy”,
    Manu Bennett (Crixus from Spartacus) would make an excellent “baddy” older surfie dude…
    Jensen Ackles (Dean from Supernatural) would be the ULTIMATE for me! Imagine him all “surfied up” with sunbleached hair! YUMMO…
    Wouldnt mind Alexander Scarsguard (Eric from True Blood) in it either…
    Heath Ledger wouldve been amazing in this movie. (Such a shame).
    I wonder if Keanu Reeves will make a little appearance in the movie.
    Its gonna have to be REAL GOOD to compare to the original, thats for sure.

  5. Oh totally bogus dude (mixing up my Keanu-isms here). Not good. Although Julie you’re onto something though with the Paul Walker/Bradley Cooper pair-up. Yes Heath would have been very good in this(sigh).

  6. Jesus could be bodhi and moses could play johnny utah………and still get best supporting actors to the orginal..

  7. I agree that no one could ever replace the original actors… what an epic film!! But if I have recommend someone for the lead role of Bodhi I would have to say Matthew McConaughey…. yum (almost as good as Patrick).

  8. mmm as if you even attempt to remake a CLASSIC such as this!! But Paul Walker is deffo a good choice and maybe even Channing Tatum mmm good eye candy there for sure! But NO1 can replace the original patrick swayze!!!!

  9. Oh, god. Really?

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