28 Weeks Later director to helm Highlander reboot?

Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is Summit Entertainment’s first choice for the Highlander reboot, according to Deadline.

The Highlander reboot will be based on the 1986 film that starred Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. While sequels and television sequels followed the original film, the reboot is reported to return to the original’s mythology.

Highlander follows an immortal Scottish man who comes up against his final immortal opponent, a barbarian, in a sword fight – both fighting for the elusive prize of being the last one left standing. With a screenplay written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man) this could be a lot slicker than it sounds.

In Toronto to premiere his latest film, The Intruders, Fresnadillo first caught Hollywood’s eye with his film Intacto, followed soon after by 28 Weeks Later. Next up for him is the remake of The Crow, which potential star Bradley Cooper recently abandoned.

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2 Responses to “28 Weeks Later director to helm Highlander reboot?”

  1. This is getting a bit much………
    Is $$$$$ really the driving force behind these ‘reboots’??
    Are there no original screenplays being written?

    Also are these remakes invariably shite??

    To name just a few The Hitcher, Conan, Italian Job, not to mention the endless tinkering by Lucas….

    The bottom line is if anyone touches either Withnail & I or Leon (The Professional) there will be blood…..!!!!

  2. Don’t forget the intended remake of Point Break. Agree with poster above….image what a remake of Leon would do with the relationship between the two main characters!

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