Trailer Debut: We Bought A Zoo

The trailer for Cameron Crowe’s new movie We Bought A Zoo has debuted online, and it is perhaps the Cameron Crowe-iest trailer ever made.

A man quitting his job in spectacular fashion? Check. A best friend offering sage advice to the main character, and imploring him to embrace the joy and wonder of life? Check. Manic-pixie-dream-Johannson? Check. Cute kids? Double check. This thing is one ‘Solsbury Hill’ away from a home run.

We Bought A Zoo is based on Benjamin Mee’s memoir of the same name. Matt Damon stars as Mee, a recently widowed father-of-two who uproots his family and purchases a dilapidated zoo.

Check out the trailer and share your thoughts below.

You can watch it in HD over at Apple.

The film also stars Thomas Haden ChurchPatrick Fugit and Elle Fanning. It arrives in Australian cinemas December 26, 2011.

Discuss: Is it all a bit too Cameron Crowe-ian for your tastes?

3 Responses to “Trailer Debut: We Bought A Zoo”

  1. Cheesy song, cute little kids and inspirational dialogue aside, I’m not sold. This all feels overly sentimental to me, almost as if this was some kind of cheesy TV episode of Dawson Creek or a Hallmark channel movie. Going for the heartstring doesn’t have to be that obvious, does it?

  2. I cannot wait to see this film, great actors, what seems to be a great story. I like it because of the fact that there is not blood, guts and shooting, nice change.

  3. I really rate Matt Damon as the best actor in Hollywood today but this looks like it will be cheesy smaltz. Why do Americans have to always adapt British stories and set them in America?

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