That Baywatch movie is still happening

A film version of the hit (and not-at-all critically acclaimed) television show Baywatch has been in the pipeline since 2004, when DreamWorks first optioned the rights.

After seven long years, it seems the formerly dead-in-the-water project has received some life support from Rescue Me creator Peter Tolan.

Tolan recently guested on the Matthew Aaron Show podcast, where he revealed he had just turned in a new Baywatch script to Paramount. Here’s a quote, courtesy of JoBlo:

“It’s not based on the show in any way, though there are a couple of winks at the show…I don’t know anything about the show. I didn’t watch it in preparation for writing this.”

Parts for David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson have been written into the script, but they would not be asked to reprise their roles from the original program (which ran from 1989 to 1999).

Discuss: So, if it’s not at all based on the show, what could it possibly be about?

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