Terminator 5 loses a director

Director Justin Lin has been forced to exit Terminator 5 due to a scheduling conflict with Fast Six, the latest instalment of the blockbuster Fast and Furious series.

Lin had been instrumental in pitching both Terminator 5 and 6 to investors alongside returning star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to Deadline, rights owner Megan Ellison and Schwarzenegger (whose own schedule is filling up quickly) want to begin production on the first sequel in the fourth quarter of 2012. This means that Lin has to vacate the director’s chair.

However, the split seems to be amicable. Lin is still eager to direct the film if Ellison and Schwarzenegger wait for him to finish shooting Fast Six.

Waiting may not be an option for Ellison however, who is keen to complete the two films before the series’ rights return to creator James Cameron in 2018.

Further complicating matters: Cameron – who is not officially involved in the project – was invited to brainstorm ideas for the film with Schwarzenegger and Lin.

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