Scarface reboot in the works

The legend of Scarface lives on. Universal are rebooting the tale of an immigrant who achieves the “American dream” (kinda) by becoming a violent drug kingpin, Deadline reports.

Universal released Howard Hawks‘ original Scarface film in 1932, and followed it with the now-iconic Brian De Palma re-imagining in 1983.

Al Pacino starred in the latter as Tony Montana, who has become something of a cult figure in the three decades since its release.

The new Scarface will not be a straight remake or sequel, Universal asserts.

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One Response to “Scarface reboot in the works”

  1. I have serious doubts that anybody could give even half as good a performance as Al Pacino – he is an absolute legend – but i’m sure i’d see it anyway just out of curiousity.

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