Brad Pitt needed for All You Need is Kill

It’s a good time to be Brad Pitt (of course, it’s probably always a good time to be Brad Pitt). Not only did his passion project Moneyball open solidly over the weekend in the States, he’s being touted for a Best Actor Oscar nomination. He might also get a nod for The Tree of Life, and will soon see another long-gestating film of his (World War Z) finally released in the new year.

Still, not even the presence of Pitt in Doug Liman‘s proposed $100 million sci-fi project Luna could attract financiers. With that project indefinitely undone, Warner Bros is now eyeing the superstar for two separate projects.

According to Vulture, Pitt is being courted by WB to appear in another Liman-helmed project: an adaptation of the manga All You Need Is Kill. The rights to Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s comic – about “a young Army recruit who, despite being killed in the first day of intergalactic alien invasion of Earth, is continually resurrected Groundhog Day–style” – were picked up for seven-figures last year.

Apparently issues with the third act in Dante Harper’s screenplay kept the film from securing a green light. Now that those issues have been ironed out, WB want to kick start production with a marquee name attached.

The problem (if you can call it that) is that Pitt is tentatively attached to another WB project: David O. Russell‘s The Mission, which the studio is likely hoping to be an Oscar contender. This picture tells the true story of the six-year mission in which covert American and Colombian operatives freed 15 hostages from a guerilla group in the jungle.

Discuss: Which of these two projects would you like to see Pitt tackle?

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