Jon Hamm doubts Bridesmaids 2 will happen

Jon Hamm has his doubts about a sequel to Bridesmaids ever coming to fruition.

Speaking to E!, Hamm revealed that his close friend and the film’s screenwriter/star Kristen Wiig may no longer be interested in continuing the Bridesmaids saga.

As to whether he would reprise the role of Wiig’ character Annie’s jerk boyfriend in a hypothetical sequel: “They need to lock [Wiig] up before me.”

Hamm has hosted Saturday Night Live (Wiig’s day job) multiple times, and the duo also play a couple in the new film Friends With Kids, written and directed by Hamm’s partner Jennifer Westfeldt.

Back in June, director Paul Feig told us he would be keen to make a second Bridesmaids film (and that was before the flick became a $284 million grossing juggernaut, and the most successful picture in producer Judd Apatow’s stable).

Wiig and Hamm’s co-star Rose Byrne was even tickled by the idea of a picture in which she gets to plan the wedding between Annie and Officer Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd).

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One Response to “Jon Hamm doubts Bridesmaids 2 will happen”

  1. i think bridesmaids was great especially the speeches setting up the rivalry, the initial set up with the bad boyfriend – so much of the film was intelligent and funny truths which was so refreshing BUT the wacky flat mate characters were a failure as was the strange editing where some characters are never introduced and the Vegas storyline just fails to happen, the airplane scene made the lead character stupid we all know not to drink and pill pop

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