Werner Herzog cast as villain in Tom Cruise flick

Well, here’s one way to differentiate your Hollywood action-thriller from the rest of the pack. Cast German filmmaker Werner Herzog (Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Grizzly Man, Fitzcarraldo) as the villain!

According to Variety, Herzog will star opposite Tom Cruise in One Shot, based on Lee Child’s novel of the same name. Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) wrote the script, and will also direct.

One Shot is merely one instalment of Child’s 15-part series, all concerning former military officer Jack Reacher. Cruise will play Reacher in the flick, whilst Herzog will play a maimed, Russian, ex-POW named Zec.

Although best known as a director (and lifelong frenemy of Klaus Kinski), Herzog has tried his hand at acting on numerous occasions. Here’s hoping he brings his famous ‘ecstatic truth’ to One Shot too.

Discuss: Herzog!

One Response to “Werner Herzog cast as villain in Tom Cruise flick”

  1. Erghh, now I’m going to have to see a Tom Cruise movie. Oh Werner, see what I do for you?

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