Has Bond 23 been christened Skyfall?

There’s been much speculation over the official title of the next James Bond film (tentatively, and boringly, called Bond 23). Back in August, rumours surfaced that the flick had been christened Carte Blanche and would be based on the upcoming Jeffrey Deaver novel of the same name. Although that was quickly debunked, a new title has emerged with a far more substantial connection.

What Culture – covering their bases by suggesting we take this with a grain of salt – report that the title of the film could in fact be Skyfall.

Their reasoning? Take a look at some URLs Sony Pictures recently registered:




There are 12 other very similar examples.

Details regarding Sam Mendes‘ long-gestating Bond 23 have been kept under wraps, besides the casting of Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes as villains opposite Daniel Craig‘s 007, along with Naomie Harris as Moneypenny.

Perhaps in two or three months time we’ll receive a press release from MGM or Sony stating that the title is something a bit more puntastic, and we’ll feel silly for even discussing these possible contenders.

In the meantime…

Discuss: What are your thoughts on Skyfall as the name of a Bond movie?

One Response to “Has Bond 23 been christened Skyfall?”

  1. I am a massive Bond fan and yet I can’t help thinking of chicken little when i hear that title.

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