The 10 creepiest movie stalkers

The 10 creepiest movie stalkers. By Simon Miraudo.

Errol Morris’ new documentary Tabloid (showing in select cinemas across the country) tells the stranger-than-fiction tale of former beauty queen Joyce McKinney, who in the late 1970s was charged with abducting, manacling and sexually abusing her Mormon ex-boyfriend. If you ask her though, she merely swept him off his feet for a romantic getaway! In “honour” of Ms. McKinney’s bizarre exploits, we’re taking a look back at the 10 creepiest movie stalkers of all time (although Joyce certainly gives them all a run for their money).

1. Rupert Pupkin in The King of Comedy

Robert De Niro gives his all-time greatest performance (yeah, we said it) in Martin Scorsese’s underrated The King of Comedy, in which he plays a wannabe stand-up comic obsessed with talk-show host Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis). He’ll do anything for 10 minutes on Jerry’s show. Anything. Pupkin takes the crown for his crazed (but actually somewhat charming) fake conversations with cardboard celebrity cutouts, jokes about his dead mother, his endless and unwavering devotion to his artistry, and for his equally-manic sidekick Masha (Sandra Bernhard).

2. Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction

For an explanation as to why Alex Forrest ranks so highly on the creepy scale, you need only look at the above picture (the eyes! the hair!). We haven’t even mentioned the bunny…

3. Max Cady in Cape Fear

Played by Robert Mitchum in the 1962 version, and by movie-stalker patron saint Robert De Niro (see also: The Fan) in 1991, Max Cady is one of the all-time legendary movie villains. A convicted rapist out for revenge against his former attorney, Cady stops at nothing to destroy the life of his target. Sideshow Bob went on a similar rampage against Bart Simpson (in an episode that had noticeably less skin-eating as seen in the films).

4. Annie Wilkes in Misery

In a classic moment of cosmic, Stephen King-ian coincidence, author Paul Sheldon (James Caan) is rescued from a blizzard-induced car accident by his number one fan Annie (Kathy Bates). She requests a reward: that he write her a new book. Later, she breaks his ankles with a mallet. Everyone’s a critic!

5. Lewis Skolnick in Revenge of the Nerds

Look … into the eyes of evil! Over the course of the film, Lewis hides cameras in the bedroom of sorority girl Betty, sells nude photos of her, and then tricks her into bed by disguising himself as her boyfriend (“trick” is a very generous term for what is basically … you know … a much nastier act). When we revisit them a couple of sequels later, they are married. And the world is all the creepier for it.

6. Julie Gianni in Vanilla Sky

It takes a lot to out-crazy Tom Cruise, but in Vanilla Sky, Cameron Diaz achieved the impossible. In the flick, she and Cruise play ‘friends with benefits’ (although not the frothy Justin/Mila/Natalie/Ashton kind). Julie tries to prove to her bed-buddy that she’s deserving of his full-time love and attention by trapping him in her car and driving off a bridge. Subtle? No. Effective?! Still no.

7. The Cable Guy in The Cable Guy

Jim Carrey scored a record-breaking (and much maligned) $20 million paycheck to play the eponymous ‘guy’ in this early Ben Stiller/Judd Apatow collaboration. Although audiences were cruel at the time, the film has developed a cult following thanks to Carrey’s unhinged and truly (truly) unsettling performance as the “friend” that just. won’t. leave.

8. Barbara Covett in Notes on a Scandal

Judi Dench stars in this psycho-sexual thriller as an oddball school teacher who becomes fixated on a new (and dangerously flirty) colleague (played by Cate Blanchett). Let me guess? We had you at “Judi Dench stars in this psycho-sexual thriller…”, right?

9. Annie Reed in Sleepless in Seattle

Annie (Meg Ryan) abandons her fiancé and travels across America to meet a man she once heard call in to a late night radio show. There is a reason the film ends the moment Annie and Sam (Tom Hanks) first meet. In the next scene, she is already wearing his skin as a suit.

10. Everyone in There’s Something About Mary

This Farrelly brothers’ classic is perhaps the best example of a rom-com examining the terrifying similarities between hopeless romantics and sexual predators. A bunch of (let’s face it, insane) guys become so smitten with Cameron Diaz’s Mary they will go to any lengths to be with her. The worst of the lot is the hives-stricken Woogie (Chris Elliot), who pretends to be Ben Stiller’s buddy in a con so long it would impress even Sawyer from Lost.

Discuss: What are your picks for the creepiest movie stalkers?

5 Responses to “The 10 creepiest movie stalkers”

  1. Single white female is a really good stalker movie

  2. I would have had Leighton Meester’s character in The roommate doen before Meg Ryan’s in Sleepless in Seattle. But other than that great list.

  3. Great list, but never thought of Meg Ryan as a stalker in Sleepless in Seattle. How about “Play Misty for Me”, the Clint Eastwood movie (and his directorial debut) where he plays the DJ stalked by one very scary woman.

  4. the sixth sense… poor kid was constantly stalked

  5. How can anyone forget Edward from Twilight, following Bella in his car then showing up unexpectedly to save her, climbing in her window and watching her while she sleeps…

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