Shame scores Australian release date, new poster

Mark your calendars and make your beds! Director Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender‘s controversial new flick Shame will arrive in Australian cinemas February 9, 2012. To celebrate, check out its simple but evocative new poster below (ignore the U.S. release date stamped at the bottom).

McQueen and Fassbender’s follow-up to Hunger stirred up a storm when it made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Fassbender stars as a sex-obsessed man living in New York, with Carey Mulligan playing his night club singer sister. Rife with full-frontal nudity from both stars, the haunting film is quickly becoming one of the most talked about pictures of the year (and that chatter will surely only increase when it arrives in cinemas).

The film is expected to score a rare NC-17 rating in the United States, which will likely translate to an R18+ here in Aus. Hopefully it has better luck than A Serbian Film when it faces the censors.

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