Australian show Laid getting American reboot

What do you do when all of the guys you’ve slept with start dying? You sell that idea to NBC of course!

Deadline reports NBC has bought the rights to Marieke Hardy-Kirsty Fisher show Laid for a US format. The Australian incarnation premiered on the ABC this year and is currently in production on the second season.

Roo McVie (Alison Bell) is the protagonist in this black comedy about sex and death that sees her, and best friend EJ (Celia Pacquola), play Nancy Drew on her past sexual encounters.

The US series will be penned by Ali Rushfield and could go one of two ways; success, such as the recent US cable adaptation of Wilfred, or to the graveyard that currently houses the US interpretation of hit Aussie comedy series Kath and Kim. Considering NBC was the former home of Kath and Kim we hope Laid doesn’t have a similar fate.

Discuss: Are you intrigued by an American take on this Australian show?

One Response to “Australian show Laid getting American reboot”

  1. if it isnt of a better quality than kath and kim it deserves to be scrapped, decent intelligent aussies cringed at k&k, it was white trash drivell, but drivell that american trailer trash could not relate to anymore than a decent non trash aussie

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