Die Hard 5 gets a pun-tastic new title

Following on from the fine tradition of Die Hard sequels past, Die Hard 5 has been christened with a simultaneously awesome and cheesy moniker.

CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment Tom Rothman has revealed the name of John McClane’s next adventure will be A Good Day to Die Hard. Further details spilled by Rothman include the fact shooting will begin in January 2012, for a February 14th 2013 release.

The pic sees McClane (Bruce Willis) heading to Moscow where he must get his troubled son out of jail.

Variety reported the news of Aaron Paul, Ben Foster, Paul Dano, Milo Ventimiglia and Paul Walker all being in the running for the role of McClane’s son, but Christ Petrikin of Twentieth Century Fox denied its veracity on Twitter.

John Moore is set to direct.

Discuss: How can they not cast Aaron Paul?!

One Response to “Die Hard 5 gets a pun-tastic new title”

  1. Who cares about the son… they should think of a way to get Alan Rickman back in. The best DH villain of all time.

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