Nora Ephron bringing Lost in Austen to the big screen

Romantic comedy queen Nora Ephron is set to write and direct an American feature film adaptation of the British miniseries Lost in Austen, Variety reports.

Ephron – best known for writing When Harry Met Sally as well as writing and directing Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail and Julie and Julia – will adapt the 2008 miniseries about a modern day woman who finds herself transported into Pride and Prejudice through a portal in her bathroom.

The original series was thoroughly entertaining and starred Jemima Rooper as Amanda Price, an Austen tragic who swaps places with Elizabeth Bennett – Gemma Arterton in one of her earliest roles – and finds herself falling for Mr Darcy.

Ephron’s adaptation will see the protagonist hail from New York City as opposed to London, and has no cast attached presently. Sam Mendes and Pippa Harris are attached to produce this not entirely necessary, though sure to be charming, film.

Discuss: Is Lost in Austen worthy of a big screen adaptation?

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