The cursed Crow reboot loses another director

Relativity Media can’t catch a break with their (attempted) reboot of The Crow.

Twitch reports director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has exited the project, likely due to the fact he has been courted to helm the Highlander remake for Summit.

Fresnadillo follows in the footsteps of Stephen Norrington, who was the first helmer attached to the flick. But it’s not just directors that have abandoned (or been fired) from The Crow.

Original screenwriter Nick Cave was given his walking papers after an unnamed actor who was interested in the part expressed a dislike for the script. Then, the actor walked away.

Alex Tse was then brought on to rework the script, and Bradley Cooper was named as star. Cooper similarly left, signing on for Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost instead (Proyas directed the original Crow back in 1994).

Let’s not forget that the Weinsteins have sued Relativity for shopping international rights for the film (which they claim to own).

Now, we’re not exactly the superstitious type, but these unfortunate instances aren’t exactly the first to be experienced on the production of a Crow movie. And, in the grand scheme of things, these ones are truly minor.

Discuss: Should they abandon the project altogether, or is there still life in this undead tale?

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