Spielberg and Bay in discussions for Transformers 4; Statham eyed as star

File this one underno duh. Hasbro wants more Transformers films and is in ‘active discussions’ with Paramount, director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg about getting to work on a fourth instalment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter – who captured Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner’s conference call regarding their third-quarter earnings (augmented by the billion dollar success of Dark of the Moon) – there should be news on the Transformers sequel front by the next quarter.

Back in July, producer Don Murphy revealed his interest in kicking off another trilogy (although likely without the involvement of star Shia LaBeouf, and perhaps even Bay, whose eye began to wander even before Transformers 3 went into production).

A dubious rumour followed, claiming Jason Statham was in line to appear in the new films. That rumour has been lent some credence with a new report from Variety, which suggests his name has been “bandied about by sources close to the production”. Variety adds Transformers 4 and 5 could be shot back to back in the coming years.

Until we hear anything official…

Discuss: Do you want more Transformers films?

2 Responses to “Spielberg and Bay in discussions for Transformers 4; Statham eyed as star”

  1. Yes, yes i do/

  2. i say its high time we saw * UNICRON * make an appearance in the transformers movie line up, after all most of us grew up either reading about or watching this all round nasty piece of work tear planets apart ( albeit planets with robotic life forms ) and enjoy every minute of wanton pure destruction. it gave us the first appearance of * GALVATRON * (ie ) megatron re-vitalized in a brand new body capable of transforming into a giant laser cannon. that and a whole host of brand new transformers to boot. * Dinobots etc etc… lol so yes i say ITS HIGH TIME TO bring on * UNICRON & Co *

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