River Phoenix’s final film to be released in 2012; Phoenix family wants no part

Director George Sluizer has revealed plans to re-cut and release his 1993 film Dark Blood, which River Phoenix was working on at the time of his death.

The unfinished film was shelved followed Phoenix’s passing, but Sluizer now believes he can re-edit the picture and send it out into the world.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Sluizer revealed his intention to recruit Joaquin Phoenix to provide some voice-over and complete his late brother’s performance.

However, a spokesperson for the Phoenix family claims they have not been in communication with the director, “nor will they participate in any way”.

Dark Blood also stars Judy Davis and Jonathan Pryce as a married couple who happen upon a hermit (Phoenix) awaiting the end of the world in the desert.

Discuss: Would you like to see Phoenix’s final turn, or should the picture be left on the shelf?

3 Responses to “River Phoenix’s final film to be released in 2012; Phoenix family wants no part”

  1. If the producer/s can recover the past losses – the movie’s investors deserve it. Presumably the Phoenix family enjoyed the the income from River’s remuneration from work up ’till his death – and since spent it – the have a duty to co-operate. But then, we live in a selfish world now!

  2. if this movie was made in 1993 it will look very dated. Sad attempt at cashing in on River.

  3. I’m assuming River Phoenix would have wanted people to see his film.

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