Witherspoon and Segel wanted for Sex Tape

Back in June, Sony paid seven-figures for a spec script with the tantalising title Sex Tape. Nearly half a year later, they’re making good on the deal and recruiting some talent to bring the raunchy tale to the screen.

According to Deadline, the studio has offered Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) the opportunity to direct, and want Jason Segel and Reese Witherspoon to star as the makers of the titular tape.

Variety’s Jeff Snider calls Witherspoon’s casting “a long shot”, however. He suggests Sony’s shortlist of actresses to join Segel includes Emily Blunt, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Garner and, in a move that would add some interesting context to their team-up in The Muppets, Amy Adams.

Kate Angelo’s screenplay follows a married couple who decide to spice up their relationship and make a … you know. When the dust settles (ahem), they discover the tape is missing and go on a mission to find who has taken it and figure out how to get it back.

Discuss: Can you see Segel and Witherspoon making … actually, forget we asked.

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