Independence Day 2 and 3 going ahead, with or without Will Smith

Director Roland Emmerich and screenwriter Dean Devlin are finalising their scripts for Independence Day 2 and 3, almost fifteen years after the first flick broke box-office records and made Will Smith the biggest action star in the world.

According to Vulture, 20th Century Fox is keen to shoot ID2 and ID3 back-to-back, and soon, even if it means without Smith in the starring role.

Although the Fresh Prince is one of the few bankable actors who can still reliably open a film, he’s seeking $50 million from Fox, and that’s more than the studio is willing to pay. They’ve been courting him for these alien invasion sequels since 2009. With the new scripts expected to be delivered by December, time is running out for them to convince Smith to take a pay-cut and reprise the role of ET-punching Captain Stephen Hiller.

Discuss: Firstly, do you want to see more Independence Days? Secondly, would you want to see them without Will Smith?

One Response to “Independence Day 2 and 3 going ahead, with or without Will Smith”

  1. without Will it wouldn’t be worth watching, with him though it would be a must see

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