First look at Helena Bonham Carter in Great Expectations

Yikes! Just when you thought she was already cranking ’11’ on the nutty scale, Helena Bonham Carter shows off her latest cinematic look.

Deadline have the first images of Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham in Mike Newell’s upcoming adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations.

Havisham is a spinster who sits in her mansion – Grey Gardensstyle – wearing her old wedding dress and training her adopted daughter Estella to break hearts.

Great Expectations was first brought to the screen by David Lean in 1946Alfonso Cuarón also tried his hand at the tale in 1998, with Gwyneth PaltrowRobert De Niro and Ethan Hawke starring.

The release of Newell’s take will coincide with the year-long celebration of Dickens’ bicentenary in 2012.

War Horses Jeremy Irvine and Ralph Fiennes also star.

Discuss: What are your thoughts on her look here?

3 Responses to “First look at Helena Bonham Carter in Great Expectations”

  1. The lovely Helena – ravishing darling – you are my favourite British actress….ever since your screen appearance in “Getting it Right” I have admired you truly madly, deeply!

  2. Helena is an absolute nutbag. God love her. At least she isn’t a cardboard cutout bland identikit actress of the type that Hwood tends to churn out. Individuality is good. I like Tilda for the same reason.

  3. helena bonham carter…………she is amazing she is one unique actress ,,absolutely gorgeous too,,,,,,,,,,,where would the world be without johnny depp and helena bonham carter? i shudder to think…… are amazing helena keep on dazzling us girl!!!

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