Mickey Rourke tells director to “go play with himself”; abandons film

Martin McDonagh (In Bruges) just got Rourke’d!

The hilariously candid Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke has abandoned McDonagh’s upcoming black comedy Seven Psychopaths, citing major disagreements with the director.

Rourke offered the following truth-bombs to Moviefone:

“The director was a jerkoff. He wanted a whole lot for nothing… He can go play with himself.”

Seven Psychopaths stars Colin Farrell as a screenwriter who has a run in with a violent gangster. Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken play Farrell’s best buds.

Interestingly, Rourke left Expendables 2 so he could appear in Psychopaths. Will he return to the warm embrace of Sly Stallone, or will he continue his new career of airing grievances with filmmakers during interviews? We hope it’s the latter.

Discuss: Classic Rourke!

2 Responses to “Mickey Rourke tells director to “go play with himself”; abandons film”

  1. This is certainly Classic Rourke behaviour. He’s already screwed his career once and now he’s got a second bite of the cherry,he’s going to do it again with his prima donna act. Some call it ‘hilariously candid’ – more like tragically stupid. Eventually, directors will lose interest in casting someone who behaves like an asshole and looks embalmed into the bargain and then he’ll be back where he was 3 years ago -a washed-up boxing ring palooka.

  2. Agree Baz. To think Rourke once had a good career. I do like it however when famous people speak their mind and the truth. They’d better have a good back-up plan though. In comparison we have Brett Rattner’s statements of regret and contrition which don’t ring true and are obviously written by his PR team.

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