Where’s Waldo to become live-action movie

MGM has purchased the film rights to the Where’s Waldo franchise, with the intention of bringing the oft-hidden character to the big screen.

According to MGM’s press release (captured by Deadline), the film will be a “live-action family adventure”.

Of course, Waldo – created by Martin Handford in the mid 1980s –  is better known here in Australia as ‘Wally’. Icelanders recognise him as ‘Valli’, Germans are familiar with the character ‘Walter’ and the French call him ‘Charlie’. He’s very popular.

Discuss: Get casting! Tony Martin, your time is now!

One Response to “Where’s Waldo to become live-action movie”

  1. Simon I thought you’d made a Waldo typo. Then I laughed out loud at your Tony Martin comment! A strange idea for a movie. At least the only challenge of the wardrobe team would be to find suitable stripy tops.

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