Brett Ratner resigns as Oscar producer following controversial remarks

Brett Ratner will produce the Oscar telecast no more. The Rush Hour director submitted his resignation to Academy President Tom Sherak following a series of controversial remarks regarding his sexual proclivities and a declaration that “rehearsal’s for fags”.

While promoting his new film Tower Heist, Ratner went on a tour of self-destruction, boasting of bedding actress Olivia Munn and having “huge balls”.

Although these statements are hardly befitting of an Oscar producer (or a gentleman, or a non-stupid person), he crossed the line during a Q&A when asked if he was rehearsing for the Academy Awards.

“Rehearsal? What’s that? Rehearsal’s for fags. Rehearsal. Not much.”

Sherak and the Academy stood behind Ratner, who issued an apology soon after the Q&A. However, he decided to step down from his duties by his own accord, penning an open letter to explain his decision.

Over the last few days, I’ve gotten a well-deserved earful from many of the people I admire most in this industry expressing their outrage and disappointment over the hurtful and stupid things I said in a number of recent media appearances. To them, and to everyone I’ve hurt and offended, I’d like to apologize publicly and unreservedly.

As difficult as the last few days have been for me, they cannot compare to the experience of any young man or woman who has been the target of offensive slurs or derogatory comments. And they pale in comparison to what any gay, lesbian, or transgender individual must deal with as they confront the many inequalities that continue to plague our world.

You can read the full letter here.

It is unknown who will take over role as Oscar producer. Also in doubt is host Eddie Murphy, who agreed to the gig due to his friendship with Ratner.

Discuss: Should Ratner have stepped down?

One Response to “Brett Ratner resigns as Oscar producer following controversial remarks”

  1. Yes he should’ve stepped down, though not because of his offensive comment. While I find that word horribly offensive, that still doesn’t make him unqualified for the job (If it did Eddie Murphy NEVER would be allowed to do it since his stand up specials used that word a lot in several sections)

    No the reason he needed to step down was one of stupid unprofessionalism and an unwillingness to rehearse. You are directing/producing/putting on the biggest awards show of the year, this isn’t something you can wing and hope for the best. You need to rehearse things, make sure the musical numbers no one cares about are being done right, make sure cameras can get those weird overhead shots of the crowd, you need to make sure everyone knows what’s on prompter when they present so their awkward stilted banter seems in some way off the cuff. This is important, this is the oscars. This is the biggest night of the year for 37 people who might win an award, and the other couple of thousand who managed to sneak past the guards. You need to rehearse this, make sure everything goes smoothly because if you don’t you’ll end up running 4 hours long instead of the usual 3 and we just can’t have that mr Ratner

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