Billy Crystal will host the Oscars

Our long international nightmare is over. Billy Crystal has been named by the Academy as the host of their 2012 Oscar telecast following Eddie Murphy’s departure earlier this week.

Crystal revealed his desire to return to the big stage back in August, but then-producer Brett Ratner decided to go with Murphy instead.

When Ratner stood down following the controversy surrounding offensive remarks made at a recent Q&A, Murphy wasn’t far behind. Brian Grazer was offered the role of telecast producer in the wake.

The choice of Crystal – who has hosted numerous times in the past – seems to be a concerted effort by the Academy to eschew scandal and edginess and return to the warm bosom of harmless comedy. Perhaps that’s exactly what suits the Oscars best.

Billy shared the news on Twitter:

“Am doing the Oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when I pick up my prescriptions. Looking forward to the show”

Discuss: Is a safe choice a good choice?

2 Responses to “Billy Crystal will host the Oscars”

  1. Good choice IMP. Oscars are hard enough to watch but Murphy’s “humour” over-relies on being gross and the Oscars, being a family show’, restricts him from being in full flight. Crystal’s Jewish self-deprecation and mildly insulting jibes fit well and he is good at writing his own stuff. Mr.Saturday Night is still a great movie.

  2. While watching Eddie Murphy hosting would’ve been hilarious (Since he really can be funny with most any line given purely on his energetic delivery alone) the safe choice of Billy is considered a safe choice for a reason, it works. He delivers a good show every time, there’s something about how bright and cheerful he is about just being there that it’s hard to see anything but purity in his hosing gigs. Plus after the snooze fest of Franco last year and the controversy already surrounding this years, we need an old pro to show everyone how a ceremony is meant to be hosted.

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