Trailer Debut: The Hunger Games

The first full-length trailer for the much anticipated The Hunger Games has been released and it’s a cracker.

Reading through the YouTube comments section (always a perilous choice), fans have unanimously responded with positive comments and even admissions of tears, while the non-initiated have shown surprise and even excitement over this glimpse at the adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling series.

The trailer gives us a taste of the reaping, with Effie Triket’s (Elizabeth Banks) shrill voice announcing Primrose Everdeen shortly before Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) protests and volunteers in place of her sister. We see Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) preparing for the Games and being presented to the crowd before the thrilling countdown to the commencement in 3 … 2 … 1.

It’s impressive that the tension created so well in the book series has been transplanted to the trailer and the closing moments as the tributes are released into the battlefield certainly whets one’s appetite for this film.

The Hunger Games is directed by Gary Ross and also stars Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson. It arrives in cinemas March 2012.

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One Response to “Trailer Debut: The Hunger Games”

  1. I’m rather nervous. I devoured the books and hope the films can bring the nuances of each character as the author wrote them. For me the first book was particularly emotional and I hope this comes through and takes the movie to another level. Another bland Twilight type of movie i don’t want. Interested to see how the violence between the children & teenagers is portrayed. Can’t wait to see Rue and Katniss. I’m nonplussed at the casting of Peeta and Gale. Hope it will be OK. Watching the trailer on such a small screen is average. Hope the huge cinema screen does it justice.

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