Trailer Debut: Mirror Mirror

Hot on the heels of the newly released trailer for Rupert Sanders’ rival fairytale flick Snow White and the Huntsman comes the official teaser for Tarsem Singh‘s Mirror Mirror.

Tarsem’s take on the Snow White legend is notably different from Sanders’. Whereas Huntsman looks to be a gloomy, edgy affair, Mirror Mirror is more child-oriented and comically-inclined.

Thus, if you want to see Julia Roberts‘ Evil Queen cracking wise with her manservant (Nathan Lane), your time has come!

Mirror Mirror stars Lily Collins as Snow and Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew. It is set to be released in the States in March 2012, with an Australian release to be confirmed.

Discuss: Does it look too kiddie and kitsch for its own good?

One Response to “Trailer Debut: Mirror Mirror”

  1. It may be for kids but at least it’s not trying to take it self too seriously.

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