Trailer Debut: Pixar’s Brave

The feature trailer for Pixar’s upcoming adventure Brave has arrived online, in all its luscious, red-headed glory.

Looking like a cross between How To Train Your Dragon and The Secret of Kells, Brave takes place in the Scottish Highlands and tells the story of rebellious archer Princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald).

Though this trailer is not quite as chilling as the teaser (and perhaps leans a little too heavily on the side of slapstick comedy), it looks like a sumptuous visual delight. We pray that Brave gets Pixar back on track after their Cars 2 misstep.

Formerly titled The Bear and the Bow, the film was to be helmed by co-writer Brenda Chapman, and would mark Pixar’s first film by a female director. She was later replaced by Mark Andrews.

Brave arrives in cinemas mid-2012, with Pixar’s Monsters University following in 2013.

Discuss: How’s it look to you?

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