New Muppet Walter was inspired by Michael Cera

The new Muppet movie introduces us to a brand new creation from Jim Henson’s workshop: Walter, the felt-based brother of Jason Segel‘s character Gary.

Walter’s puppeteer Peter Linz has revealed to the New York Times that he was asked in his audition to base his performance on everyone’s favourite nervy Bluth: Michael Cera!

“They told me to think about Michael Cera — that if he was a puppeteer he would already have the job.”

Perhaps a little demoralising for Linz, but the results speak for themselves!

With The Muppets hitting US cinemas this weekend (Aussie audiences have to wait until January 12, 2012), the media blitz continues:

The Times spoke with musical supervisor Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame, and got him to sing film opener Life’s A Happy Song with Kermit.

Also, Deadline reveals NBC has closed a deal with Jim Henson Co. for a new half-human, half-puppet sitcom called The New Nabors.

The Muppet revolution is now!

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