You can buy Bella’s Breaking Dawn wedding dress

OK, who had four days in the pool? It took less than 100 hours for bridal design house Alfred Angelo to unveil a replica of Bella’s wedding dress following its debut in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

The gown will be available in sizes 0 to 30, and will retail for $799.

Designer Carolina Herrera, who made the dress for Kristen Stewart in the film, worked with Alfred Angelo on the copy.

For all the brides who end up wearing this dress down the aisle… we pray your honeymoon works out better than the one in the film.

Discuss: Who wants it?

2 Responses to “You can buy Bella’s Breaking Dawn wedding dress”

  1. The back and detail on the sleeves is nice, but the front is BLEH! I hatehatehate the shiny fabric, neckline and sleeves (though I’m not usually against sleeves). HATE! The darts on the front look terrible, the construction is terrible. It looks like a halloween costume; cheap. Biggest disappointment of the entire movie (not that I had high expectations, but I was hoping for some pretty dresses to look at).


  2. I have to agree etimodnar – I’m not entirely sure WHO that thing would look good on, but I can’t think of anyone! Shiny fabric cut on different biases to emphasise all the wrong bits, poor cut, nothing that really stands out. Boring and cheap looking, all at once.

    I too went into the movie with low expectations, but after such a fuss has always been made of Alice’s impeccable taste in clothes, I was expecting something MUCH better in the fashion stakes…

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