Ewan McGregor cast in Noah Baumbach’s The Corrections

Ewan McGregor will join Chris Cooper and Dianne Wiest in Noah Baumbach‘s HBO pilot The Corrections.

It was announced in September that Baumbach and producer Scott Rudin would bring Jonathan Franzen’s acclaimed tome to the small screen as a HBO series.

The book tells the story of the repressed Lambert family; parents Alfred (Cooper) and Enid (Wiest), and their ruined children Gary, Chip and Denise. The narrative skips back and forth in time during the late twentieth century.

According to Deadline, McGregor has scored the role of Chip, a Marxist teacher who loses his job after having an affair with a student.

Although HBO has not yet picked up the pilot for an entire series, it seems unlikely a project with this pedigree will be left on the shelf.

However, they did pass on the Nikki Finke-inspired comedy Tilda from director Bill Condon earlier this year, and that one starred Diane Keaton and Ellen Page.

Discuss: Who can you see playing Gary and Denise?

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