Warning: Breaking Dawn causes seizures

In addition to acting as a terrific incentive not to sleep with vampires, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 now comes with another warning concerning these blood suckers: this film may cause seizures.

According to ABC News in the US, there have been several reports of people claiming to have developed seizures during (spoiler alert) the climactic birthing scene.

“The in-theater seizures, also known as photosensitive epilepsy, are thought to be a result of the bright flashing of red, black and white during the film’s nerve-wracking scene.”

It seems Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) hybrid human-vampire spawn has sent more than a few Twihards weak at the knees, with couples out for a date night suddenly finding their partners convulsing and snorting amongst other symptoms.

While some adverse reactions to the content of the film are to be expected in the majority of viewers, the common occurrence of epileptic symptoms is both curious and amusing.

Discuss: How did you react to the scene?

3 Responses to “Warning: Breaking Dawn causes seizures”

  1. Wow… I was fine and I saw it. So were my daughter and her little friend.

    It was awesome!

  2. I used to have epilepsy when I was young and I didn’t get seizures and no-one else can. But it can happen. If you have epilepsy, see your doctor before you see this movie, but don’t panic.

  3. Thats so weird. I almost threw up during that scene. I felt very nauseous and sick and i had to look away. I thought it was just me, i do not have epilepsy but i am very sensitive to strobes or any flashing lights. Im also a migraine sufferer so could be that. How interesting!

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